Autoview offers two options for automating your trades based on the trading tools and brokers you are working with.

Option 1 Trade via a Chrome Extension that only uses TradingView alerts

About the Extension

This option provides you with a program that runs within Chrome, on a specific machine that you set up and operate where you choose. There is an initial learning curve due to the TradingView requirements (strategies, alerts) as well as permission management.

Extension Migration Announcement

As of January 2022, the Chrome Web Store has stopped accepting new Manifest V2 extensions and has the expectation that all extensions will eventually need to migrate to Manifest V3. Read the Support Timeline for more information.

Option 2 Trade on our Web Platform using Webhooks from any source

Web Platform Announcement

Returning to our roots of automating your trades, we are introducing a simplistic platform featuring select commands and integrations. To ensure a seamless transition before the Chrome extension is phased-out, we are progressively building, testing, and onboarding more features and integrations over time.

Read our official announcement for more details.

Start here for the Chrome Extension
Start here for using the Web Platform

Where can I create alerts?

Chrome Extension
Web Platform
Any site able to call a webhook
Start here for the Chrome Extension
Start here for using the Web Platform